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Blackwood Collective

Blackwood Collective is a bespoke furniture workshop specialising in carpentry and joinery with a focus on functionality, aesthetics and blending classic techniques with modern tools and processes. Each furniture piece is handmade and encapsulates the distinct characteristics of the species of timber from which it is made.

Honing his craft as an established carpenter of 10 years working on high-end residential renovations, it was here that Gareth Robertson developed an affinity for joinery and custom designed furniture.  Subsequently, a trip around the world opened Gareth’s eyes to many different furniture designs, eras and styles and provided the catalyst to start Blackwood Collective.


The name, “Blackwood Collective,” is a tribute to Gareth’s favourite timber, Tasmanian Blackwood. As a proud indigenous man this timber holds sentimental value as it is used by the indigenous people of Australia to make traditional tools like boomerangs, spear throwers and clap sticks.


With a creative mind and a keen eye for detail, Gareth finds inspiration in working collaboratively with clients to bring their bespoke designs to life.

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